Wednesday, November 18, 2015


I have talked a lot lately to Andrew about Trenton. Yes, Andrew has challenges himself but he is smart enough to understand things. This is my conversation with Andrew.

Mommy, "Andrew, one day Trenton may need you to help take care of him. Will you do that for Mommy."
Andrew, " So I will stay home and take care of Trenton like you take care of me and Trenton?"
Mommy, "Yes. Do you think you can do that?"
Andrew, "I will stay home one day and be a Mommy and take care of you and Trenton."
Mommy, " You would be called a Daddy because you are a boy."
Andrew, "I will stay home with Trenton and you and be a Daddy."
Mommy, "Sounds like a plan to me Bubba."

A little while later Andrew says, "Don't ever leave me Mommy. I want to live with you forever."
Mommy, "One day you may want to live by yourself like a big boy."
Andrew, "No, I want to live with you. Don't ever leave me like the autism walk, ok?"
(Andrew was very upset the morning of the autism walk. He ended up adjusting without me around but he has been a bit traumatized. He brings it up almost weekly. He dealt fine without me that day but his anxiety was going strong inside of him without me. He finds a lot of comfort in me. After all, I am the always there to help him and do whats best for him.)

Andrew had a talk with Uncle Brian over the weekend about Ledger and it was so sweet. Here is my conversation today with him about Ledger.

Andrew, "So Ledger will talk one day when he is big."
Mommy, "We hope so. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to talk but we hope and pray he is."
Andrew, "We are thankful we can talk."
Mommy, "Yes we are."
Andrew, "We hope Ledger can talk one day when he is big."

On Friday night on our way to Flora, Andrew randomly touches Trenton and says, "We will get you to talk one day Bubba, I promise."
My eyes filled with tears instantly! I am so proud of the way Andrew is with Trenton. Not one days goes by that I don't talk to Andrew about Trenton and this just proves that I am doing the right thing.

Last week when I went to Harsha and his preschool to his birthday parties, Andrew thought it was the best thing ever. It was amazing the way he would run up to me and say, "My Mommy is here!" and jump into my arms. After both times he said, "Thank you for coming Mommy. That was so nice and sweet of you."

Andrew has really listened to me when I have enforced manners and thoughtfulness! Love this boy so much!!!

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  1. Little "A" are Nana's special little boy! It is amazing how his mind works. He spent the night with Uncle Brian and Aunt Mindy Saturday night. (apparently he got thirsty) Instead of just asking for a drink...Andrew says to Brian.."Uncle Brian, are you thirsty?"" Brian said, "No, are you thirsty, Andrew?" He say, "Yes!"...How many know of any 4 yr olds that wouldn't just ask for a drink!!!!!!??? Love it!! He makes us laugh every day! Thank you, little "A" for the "spark" you put into our life!!!!