Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Rough Morning

This morning was terrible! Every morning is very difficult, I just don't always talk about them. It's been awhile since I have shared a few of the negative sides of autism. I have tried really hard on concentrating on all of the good things like Halloween and the highlights throughout the day. However, to help people get a good understanding of what life is like raising children on the spectrum, we have to discuss the cons too! I have many people that use my blog to help them understand the families they work with  because they are teachers, etc. Well, I know from experience because I was a special education teacher before I had my boys, you can't get a good understanding of the disability until you know what life is like at home. PERIOD! I heard countless times from other teachers or staff while I taught statements such as..."Why do her parents let her do _____" or " His parents are so lazy he comes to school like ______" The list goes on and on. I'm here to make you realize that parents can't fight every battle....we have to pick and choose.

This morning for the third morning in a row, Trenton woke up angry! He fussed. He cried. He threw his body down on the floor repeatedly having tantrum after tantrum. He threw his toys. He repeatedly jumped off his bed in a very angry manner while making his upset noises. It. Was. Terrible!

The sweat rolled down my back and down my chest while trying to help him and get him ready for the day. The hair on my neck was drenched in sweat. He fought me and kicked me. He refused to get dressed for a long time. He refused everything!

The next thing I know Andrew is up and wants Mommy time. Therefore, I am trying to get Trenton ready while Andrew is clinging to me. I look at the clock and we have to be out the door in ten minutes. It's not as simple as telling Andrew to get dressed. He requires much needed help and assistance in the mornings as well. It was a rough morning but we finally made it in our van. I had officially sweat through my shirt but there was no time at all for me to change. I had sweat some of my make-up off that I had got up at 5:30 to put on. If I hadn't got up at 5:30 to put my make-up on, hair done, and clothes on....I would have left for the day in my pajamas with no deodorant on!

There was no time for breakfast. Both boys had to eat their breakfast in the van. I hate not being able to make a good breakfast for the boys every morning. Andrew loves his eggs and yogurt every morning. However, it is just not doable. Getting both boys ready and myself is very difficult. I hear parents of neurotypical children with no disabilities talk about how hard it is in the you can only imagine how hard it is with two boys with being non-verbal and severe. YES...IT IS VERY DIFFICULT!

Trenton continued to fuss and cause havoc on our way to speech therapy. The non-stop fussiness and upset noises were very nerve-racking. I finally got Andrew calmed down and he played a game in the van. The upset noises continued till we arrived at therapy. Trenton went back to therapy happy and came out of therapy happy...THANK GOODNESS!

Like I mentioned earlier, Trenton has woke up 3 days like this and had a very rough evening Monday too from the dentist. I hope and pray for a much easier evening and morning tomorrow!

James 1:12
Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him

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