Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sensory Overload Video

This sensory overload video was done in a store. However, this is what it is like for the boys when they go to unfamiliar houses with people in it and everyone is talking. It is what it is like everywhere except for the comfort of their own home. Unfortunately, Trenton can even get sensory overload in his own house. The plus side in being at his own house, he is able to go to his bedroom which is his "safe" area to help him calm down.
Sometimes the sensory overload can happen immediately or it may take a few minutes to an hour to happen. It depends on their day.

This next video is what it is like for a person with autism to simply walk down a street. Once again, I have no doubt that this is what both boys experience. For the most part, Andrew verbally tells me everything that the person in this video thinks.

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