Saturday, January 2, 2016

Animals-Dvds-& More

Trenton loves his animals lately! They go everywhere with us and are lined up all around our house:)

His animals and dvds even went  to Monicals Pizza with us today. Monicals is a restaurant that I have consistently taken Trenton to with my parents help for a few years now. It is always best to pick one or two places and to repeatedly try it. Some trips haven't been pleasant and other times he has let us eat. Today, he did great! We were all able to eat but once we were done eating, it was time to relaxing and talking with T-man!

 He had another sleepless night the other night. He actually took a nap during the day with all of his stuffed animals and dvds:)
 Yes he is in this picture somewhere:)
 Trenton is having a really good weekend! He is managing his "down-time" with no structure therapy the past few days very well. He has regressed with his potty training but he has actually used words! It all can't happen at the same time. When he goes up in one area, he tends to regress in other areas. (Very typical of autism.) Autism...such a mystery. Nonetheless, I enjoyed hearing him use words the past few days that he normally doesn't use spontaneous. For example, he said, "sit", "van", "sleep", and when  I pointed to Andrew and said, "What is his name?" Trenton said, "Andrew." I have asked this to Trenton several times and he normally says, "baby."

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  1. Took Nana forever to find my little guy in that picture, but I finally did!!! ha!