Wednesday, January 20, 2016


One of the many difficulties about being away from your non-verbal/non-communicative child is that they can't tell you anything about what happened when you were apart.  With that said, it makes this momma so happy to see him smiling every morning when I drop him off at Harsha Cognitive Center. In fact, he can't wait for me to leave:) As soon as he sees his coach he has been turning to me and looking at me and saying, "bye" with no prompts!!!! It has been absolutely amazing to see him do that!! SO AMAZING! With that said, there are  no worries after I drop him off. I know he is in the best hands and even though he can't tell me what he did throughout the day, I know he must love every minute of it!! However, he is very happy to see me pick him up. I get the best smile ever almost every day! Just another sign that even though he can't tell me about his day, I know he had a great one and enjoyed it:) As always, I will continue to pray that he is blessed with the ability to communicate one day!!


  1. This is just another aspect of having a child with autism. To be perfectly honest, I had not even thought of the pain of not being able to simply ask your child about their day! It is another raw reminder of what we all take for granted daily. I ask Lincoln EVERY day the first thing...."what did you do at school today?" simple question..simple reply...NOTHING is simple when it comes to autism!!!!

  2. As I look at this picture again, I can't help but think.....I hope Emily, Trenton's OT, doesn't see him sitting this way!!! Remember, Angie! lol! :)