Thursday, January 14, 2016


Almost daily, I long for eye contact from Trenton. I was blessed with some amazing eye contact tonight and it all started with wearing hats:) He loved looking at himself in the hat. It was a great half hour!! He loved taking my hat on and off. So blessed to have had this with him tonight:)

I read a post from another autism mom a few days ago. She posted some great pictures of her and her child with autism. However, her post was about what happened before the pictures. She discussed how she has to be around her child 24/7 so he won't hurt himself or hurt others. She went on to talk about how he had a very long meltdown before his happy pictures. She discussed the difficulties of non-verbal autism and how people wouldn't believe what she went through before the pictures.
I feel like that lady daily!!!!
 I love these pictures of Trenton and I. We had a great time with each other but one hour before this, he cried his sad tears for 45 minutes. He cried continuously and would touch my hand while he babbled. I truly think he was trying to tell me what was wrong. Did he think words were coming out of his mouth and that Mommy just wasn't doing what he wanted? I don't know and I will never know.
His life is so very hard and I will continue to work for him daily! Keep up the good fight T-man!!!

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  1. This post reminds me of the book I read where the mom asked her child with severe autism what he wanted for lunch. He said, "Macaroni and cheese" (in his head) and thought he was saying it out loud. He was so disappointed when his mom fixed something else!!! I can not even begin to imagine how that would feel on a daily basis!!! I continue to pray for the day when the spectrum and all the mystery surrounding it can be unlocked.