Tuesday, January 26, 2016


It will never get old hearing your child say your name! I think most parents would agree. I am so blessed to have one extremely verbal child. SO BLESSED! I love hearing Andrew say my name daily.

Trenton is getting fairly good at saying my name at Hasrha. When he wants to go he will point to the parking lot and say, "Mommy" However, it is very seldom that I get to hear it spontaneously. Over the weekend, I was granted that privilege. He walked up behind me and said, "Mommy" and reached out for my hand. My heart melted! Totally melted!!

God is amazingly good folks!!! We have to hold on to that faith and hope:)

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  1. Melts my heart!!! Remember your old Sunday school teacher...she used to tell you kids that as far as you would reach UP for God, he would reach DOWN just as far to help us through this life!!!! Hope..it is "the anchor of the soul!"