Tuesday, February 23, 2016


It has been really hard to blog lately. On some days I force myself to blog something about the boys in order to let all of our followers know that we are doing good! I appreciate all the love and support that we have been given on our journey and especially since Tim left. It has helped me in so many ways. The boys and I are doing great. I have had numerous people ask me how I am managing taking care of the boys by myself and honestly that has not changed. I have been used to taking care of them by myself for a long time. With that said, not much as changed. Sadly, I believe we are in for some big changes in the months ahead. I am doing everything that I can as a single mother but I can only do what I am able to do. I know God will take care of us and whether we are to stay in Terre Haute or move back to Flora, we will survive because we have each other. All I can do is to pray that God will help me find a way to provide for my two precious sons.

I never thought a year ago when we moved to Terre Haute that the boys and I would be going through what we are today. I had so many hopes and dreams about Trenton's future in a state that provides him with what he needs.  I am heart broken that it may all be taken away from Trenton

When I got married, it was for life. Marriage was never promised to be easy and fun filled the whole time. I don't understand how people can just give up and walk away. I don't think of myself first in life which is why I am having a hard time with that lately. It is hard to deal with the consequences of a  failed marriage especially when things and relationships were going on that should not have been. Of course, when there is special needs children too. However, I am trying to focus on the boys and spend every minute of my life trying to figure out our plan.

So thank you to everyone that has checked in on us. I am a very strong woman. The thoughts and prayers are appreciated as we are healing during this difficult time.

Here is one of my favorite quotes when I think about love and parenting...

This quote is so true. Nothing makes me happier than when my children are happy! There are lots of things in life that I want to do but I won't because my children's happiness is far more important!

Exactly! Children and their needs should always come first which is why I am trying my best to make whatever possible happen for the Trenton to get his therapies wherever this road takes us.

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  1. I have no answer, but it's like a dear sister at church told me recently....you were the strong one. That doesn't make it all any easier to deal with, but I am so proud of your strong faith. Like the famous quote about being driven to your knees because you have no other place to go. I know you feel "alone", but you NEVER are.
    Love you, Mom