Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Two Valentines

I had a great weekend with my two Valentines!! These two boys are so amazing to me!

Trenton has said, "Mommy" spontaneously a few times in the last few days!! LOVE IT!!! I get the best kisses from him when I ask for them:)
Even though sleep hasn't been perfect, it has been the best the past 2 months than it has in a long time!

Andrew is the smartest boy in areas that he shouldn't be so smart in. Some of the things that he says daily just simply astonishes me! I am left in shock and usually don't know what to say because he catches me off guard.

However, he can say some of the sweetest things as well. Yesterday he said randomly, "Mommy I really love you. You are a really good Mommy." The thing that just made this comment the sweetest was the way he emphasized really.

A few days ago he said, " You are pretty with and without make-up Mommy." LOL!!! Crack me up Andrew!

This morning when I told him Happy Valentine's Day he ran and got some fake flowers that we have and says, "Here Mommy these are for you. Happy Valentine's Day."

The boys loved getting some Valentine Day cards in the mail this weekend!!

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