Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Our hearts are breaking here at Two Brothers One Journey today. An extraordinary person from my hometown, Flora, who had a huge impact on my family passed away today unexpectedly.  Dave Billingsley left this world too early.
Many of my Flora readers recall Trenton being the Dairy Queen child on Miracle Treat Day back in 2013.Flora had an amazing tradition that was started by Dave and Melissa Billingsley, owners of the Flora Dairy Queen. Every year the Billingsley's chose a child who had special needs, cancer, or some type of illness and they sponsored the child for the day and raised money for the child and their family to apply to medical expenses, therapy, or whatever the needs were of the family.

 Dave & Melissa put in many long, hard working hours for the child they sponsored. Not only did they raise money for the child but they matched what they raised out of their own personal money and gave to the family.
Dave & Melissa was an answered prayer for me back in 2013. Because of them, Trenton was able to continue therapy at a time when I wasn't certain if we were going to be able to because of the expense and trouble with insurance that I was having at that time.
 They worked so hard to make their "Miracle Treat Day" a success for Trenton and I will always be so grateful to them. It was the beginning of a very special relationship between me and Dave & Melissa. Not only are they so dear to my heart for what they did for Trenton but I know they are very special to all the other families that they sponsored over the past few years.

There are just certain people that come into your life that really leave a mark. Dave was one of those people.  I will always be so grateful for what he did for Trenton and my family. For as long as I live I will never forget him and his generosity and kind, loving heart.

In fact, the very first time that I ever talked publicly about autism  was with Dave. He and I were on the radio in Flora the week following the Miracle Treat day to talk about the successful day. I talked in the beginning of the interview about autism and he followed up with what he and his employees did to make the day a success.
Needless to say, I am very sadden by the news.

I have been very blessed to have had others that raised money for my boys so they could get the therapy they needed. Dave was the first one to do something for Trenton and it meant more than I can even begin to put in words.
My prayers and thoughts are with Dave and his family.

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