Sunday, March 13, 2016

He Messed With The Wrong Mom!

I had a first today. In fact, my blood is still boiling. My heart palpitations haven't stopped since the incident happened.  To top it off, I am in complete shock and dismayed how a highly educated person in our society who works in a very respected profession can be so ignorant and treat my child with a severe disability like he is a highly contagious person with a life threatening disease. I will not let anyone treat me or my children the way we were treated today and get away with it.
I have watched my son have a horrible 60 plus hours due to his severe disability. I have watched him suffer......I have watched him cry.......I have seen his self injurious behavior be at its worst......I have been scratched at, pinched at, attacked at by my own son.....I have seen a glimpse of Hell on Earth that most people, sadly some closest to us, who would not fathom or straight up not believe me when I would try to tell them how the past few days have been because so many people are this is uneducated doctor that I came across today and "judge" people with hidden disabilities.

Due to my son's horrible behavior, I decided to take him to an urgent care to make sure that his two ear infections that he has had in the past 4 weeks were finally cleared up. What other option do I have?!?!? I have watched him try to pull his ears off the past 24 hours, I have seen him scream blood curdling screams while digging at his ears as if he had something crawling around in his head.  I was afraid of my own son!  It's not like he can tell me what is wrong with him.

Yes, it could be that his modulation with his sensory system is very hyper right now and that he can hear everything from a two mile radius. Or it could be that he has an ear infection......or it could be that he is just so fed up with his body and not being able to speak that he is just simply starting to display some very bad self injurious could be lots of " could be".
When your child is non verbal with severe autism, you NEVER know what is wrong! You just have to take a guess. So I decided to take him to the urgent care since he has had 2 ear infections in 4 weeks.

Needless to say since he had a bad weekend, our experience in there was nothing short of a scene from the Twilight Zone. It was just me and my two boys. I had no other choice....just a huge down side of living in a town with no family. However, I will brave and do anything for my children.
From the minute we walked in, Trenton screamed and cried. We had a 45 minute wait in the waiting room. He ran out the door one time, tripped me completely down to the ground twice due to his enormous autistic adrenaline that he has these days. He was throwing himself down on the ground....trying to climb up the wall screaming......hitting and moving the chairs....hitting was just terrible. I went through that torture...Trenton went through that torture.....Andrew went through this....just to get back to the room and for the doctor to walk in and look at Trenton as if he was a monster. I tell the doctor everything. The doctor told Trenton that he needed to look in his ear. Trenton is in the corner of the room, screaming, crying, and kicking him. I grabbed Trenton and put him on my lap. I don't think I ever used so much strength with him. I held him down like NO mother should ever have to hold their child down.....just for the doctor to stand up and say, "I can't examine your child like this. You can bring him back when he isn't having a meltdown." and he walked out the room.
My eyes filled up with tears instantly. I just stood there in shock for a minute asking myself if that just really happened. I grabbed my boys' hands and we escaped that piece of crap place without waiting for our discharge paper. A nurse was running after us as we were leaving and I just said, "Oh you will hear from me tomorrow."
Trust me...they will hear from me tomorrow!!! I will not be treated like that nor will my children! My son could not help his behavior today. Just another small reminder why I blog and EDUCATE the world. If a doctor needs to be educated then we are in a world of hurt! I will die educating this world....I can at least do that for my boys sake!


  1. I hate that you had to go thru that, especially with a doctor. It is ridiculous. I can definitely understand how you are feeling because recently we went thru something similar at a family restaurant. An older guy that was in a table of 4 came to us to say my son was laughing too loud... laughing!!! I won't go into it because I go back to that moment. Needless to say, Mama Bear came out! I feel for you, hugs!!

  2. Please excuse my ignorance but I have a couple questions. When you were holding him down, do you think the doctor would have been able to effectively look in his ears? If not, what would you have expected the doctor to do? It may have been a safely issue where the doctor thought he would hurt your son's ear unnecessarily if he tried to examine him. I'm honestly just curious. Thank you, please don't take any offense, and I am not excusing the doctor' behavior.