Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I wanted to share a few personalized items that I got from
The first picture is stickers that I put in Trenton's shoes. It's just one way that I can make sure people are aware that he has severe autism and my phone number in case he wanders off or is ever in a situation.
The below picture is personalized wristbands. I know that Trenton will never wear a wristband. I did not order these for that intention. However, I thought I could always put the wristband around his pant loop. The wristband states that he is non-verbal with autism and has my phone number.

A parent of a non-verbal child who has autism can not prepare enough for the "what if" situations. I am trying to make sure I am prepared in every way possible.
If you are interested in purchasing these stickers or the many other stickers that has, please click on the link on the right side of my blog.

 I can also offer you a 5 % discount. Please use this code....  US19PA5585 ...when checking out.

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