Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thankful for Challenges

Every single person faces some type of challenge in their life. Some people's difficulties and challenges are health problems...some are martial problems...divorce.....death of a loved one...special name it, we all face challenges.  If someone says that they haven't then they are not being truthful.
If you are a faithful follower of this blog, you already know my challenges. None of us were promised a worry-free life. No one was promised a life without difficulties. 

Each and every one of us were given our challenges for a reason. The reason may be to simply see how strong we are....or to see if we are truly a faithful Christian or a weak Christian. Maybe our struggles happened in order to inspire someone else. We don't know exactly why things happen.
I don't know why exactly I was given my challenges. I don't ask why anymore. I did at one time! I asked God "Why" a lot back in 2012-2014.

However, I don't ask that anymore. I came to the realization that God trusted me with two amazing boys with special needs and I couldn't be more grateful  for the overwhelming responsibility.  Yes, I said overwhelming! Does that make me a bad person for admitting that my responsibilities can seem a bit overwhelming at times? Nope! In fact it is natural and we have been given examples of this "overwhelming" feeling. King David's son Solomon took the throne of the nation of Israel and he was overwhelmed by the enormity of the call to rule over God's people. Solomon didn't feel prepared for his task. He could have ran away from his duties God gave him. He could have done a lot but he didn't. He asked for wisdom instead! We are given our life for a reason but it is up to us how we respond to our life? Do we run away from it? Do we give up? Do we have self pity parties every day?  You simply have a choice. You live the life that God granted  you with his help and guidance or you turn your back on it.

Just like Solomon, each and every parent is given a responsibility. A special needs parent is given even more of a responsibility. It is an amazing journey we were blessed with. A journey that will teach you so much.

I couldn't be more thankful for this unexpected journey and unexpected task that I was given in life. I am a much better person today than I was before and I owe it all to my life challenges that God gave me.

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