Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I spent some time on Tuesday observing and watching Trenton at Harsha. I LOVE when I get to see him in action. LOVE IT! I only got tears in my eyes once....that is good for me:)
The tears come for various reasons when I am watching him. They are happy tears and sad tears. While I watch him work at therapy it is so obvious how his disability has stole so many things from him. It is heartbreaking.  Yet, I am so proud of him. He works as hard as he can. It is just a bittersweet time.
The highlight of my time there was getting to hear him say his last name!!!!!! His coach asked him, "What is your name?" Trenton said, "Conrad"
I about lost it!! It was the most amazing moment I have witnessed in awhile.

Here are a few pictures of the T-man in action at Harsha Cognitive Center.

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