Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Black Bag

This is the big, black bag that goes every where with us. Trenton will not leave the house without it. In fact, it goes every where in our house with him too. When he is in the kitchen, the bag is in the kitchen. When he is in bathroom, the bag is in the bathroom. If he is outside jumping in the trampoline, the bag is with him in the trampoline.
 It used to contain about 15 dvds and all of his peekaboo animals. However, he has down sized to just his peekaboo animals the past few weeks.

Many people with autism become attached to certain items.

People with autism may develop obsessions for several reasons, including:
  • obsessions may provide structure, order and predictability, and help people cope with the uncertainties of daily life
  • people who find social interaction difficult might use their special interests as a way to start conversations and feel more self-assured in social situations
  • obsessions may help people to relax and feel happy
  • people can get a lot of enjoyment from learning about a particular subject or gathering together items of interest.

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