Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Variety of Food

I love what Trenton's body is letting him do in the area of food right now! He is eating more of a variety at the same time in a very long time!!
He is eating jelly bread which he hasn't ate in well over one year! He is eating spaghetti! He is eating salad! He is eating chicken nugget...pizza...French fries....hashbrowns....IT IS AMAZING!!! I can actually switch up this food items. Seriously it has been one of these items only for approximately 2-3 months and then he would switch to another item and eat that only for a few months.
I am loving this variety! Truthfully, Trenton is too! He has a look of enjoyment when he eats lately. It is so nice to see! Love this eating phase. I will enjoy it to the fullest while it last!

Trenton is so excited for his jelly bread. He is going through the bread and jelly like crazy right now!


  1. Sweet pic....looks like he had hands folded in prayer. Is he clapping?

  2. He is clapping!!! Excited for that jelly bread