Saturday, June 11, 2016

I. Love. You

Our Saturday morning started off early like always. It was the normal morning.....Trenton turning the house upside down and making his "T-man messes" everywhere.
I made him sit down in his usual spot at the table to eat his breakfast. I sat down to eat my breakfast and right when I sat down, Trenton dumped his breakfast all over the floor.
"Trenton! I wish you didn't have to make so many messes all the time." I said in my aggravated and tired voice.
Trenton continues to look down at the table and then I hear in a very deep, robotic voice, "I. Love. You."

No Prompts! Nothing! He just spontaneously said it! Unbelievable!!! Thank you God for that moment. I needed that.! I was just thinking and crying the other night about Trenton and the fact that he can't talk or express himself. Then God gives him and I this moment and my hope is restored again:) I know you will be able to express your feelings one day T-man!! Just keep on fighting. Mommy right here with you each step of the way:)


  1. Yay! oh he knows like all kids, say the LOVE word and you wont get in trouble for anything hahahaha