Friday, July 15, 2016


Individuals with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have a difficult time with generalization. Generalization is the expansion of teaching, beyond what was directly or intentionally done. For example, teaching a child to take turns  during a therapy session at the place of therapy is great but they need to be able to understand it enough to do it everywhere.  For some individuals, they can't. They will only do something where they learn it. Generalization does not automatically happen. This is where the parent/guardian has to do their turn to try to make it happen at home if they go to a facility for their therapy. (autism families never stop teaching/learning)
Generalization  goes extremely deep. For example, if someone with ASD learned that a "car" looked like a mustang, then they might have a hard time learning that a "car" is also a Malibu, etc.

Trenton does a great job in ST of shaking his head yes/no. It brings tears to my eyes just watching him do it. I am trying really hard to make him generalize this into our home.
 It is difficult because generalizing is actually very hard for both boys. This is one topic that I love to discuss and explain:) More on this topic later...

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