Sunday, August 7, 2016

Brushing Teeth

This picture is of Trenton at 13 months old. We are brushing his few teeth that he had. He loved to brush his teeth. He always giggled and laughed. Slowly, over time he started to not like it and by the time he was three, I had to hold him down and brush his teeth. His sensory problems have gotten worse over time.  Now, he is a big almost 6 year old boy and holding him down is impossible. The strength that he has is amazing. Trenton is like many individuals on the spectrum and has severe sensory challenges with his autism. He is UNABLE to put a toothbrush to his mouth. I say unable to because it is hard for him. His body and mind is different than ours. It is hard for him to do it. Just like it is hard for some people to talk, walk, is hard for him.  This is one area that he is working on at Harsha Autism Center. I hope that by the time he has all of his permanent teeth in that he will be trained and able to "handle" it.


  1. Oh that picture brings back memories!... It is bittersweet, however!

  2. That could be Ledger in that pic!!