Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Potty Training

Another big jump that Trenton had from his last birthday to this birthday is potty training!!! SOOOO proud of him! Sixteen months ago I started potty training him at home while his team at Harsha Autism Center trained him at the center. It has been brutal. Again, words can't really explain what I have been through with him in this area.

These are my words from day 1 of training...

He was running into our walls the hardest he could. He would hit a wall with his body and then lick it and lick him. I tried my best to control him and redirect him to another activity but I was unsuccessful. Words can't describe how terrible it was to try to introduce toilet training to Trenton while he was behaving like that. It is going to be a very long road ahead of me to get him toilet trained. It's a road I am not looking forward to traveling but I have to. It doesn't matter what the task is, it is always difficult with autism.

Throughout the past 16 months he has hit, kicked, through himself into walls and on the floor, held on the bathroom door kicking it refusing to go in the bathroom, yelled, cried, you name it he has done it. I bought a special toilet for his bathroom, re-decorated one bathroom and bought an expensive high reinforcer which is very crucial to get kids on the spectrum trained in some cases.

I cried with him. I fought him with sweat running down my back. I was left with scratches and bruises from trying to force him to the bathroom. I have cleaned up more pee accidents and poop accidents than anyone could imagine. I wanted to give up BUT I DIDN'T!!! I knew he could do it. It just takes way more patience....way more strength....way more endurance than neurotypical children.

We had periods were he did good such as toward the end of the year in 2015 but after too much stimulation and change at the end of the year, he regressed. However, I am happy to report that he is doing SPECTACULAR!!! I am crying typing this out because I am so proud of him. He goes to the potty when he needs to go! He simply stops what he is doing and sits on the toilet and goes!!!!!! The past few weeks, I don't even have to ask him every time. He goes on his own. I have to follow him because if not he will pee all over the shower curtain, floor, wall, and anywhere else in the bathroom because he needs help but he knows when he needs to go! This is HUGE!!!

We still have a long way to go with his bowel movements but we are getting there.

My goal for him from the day I found out he had autism was to achieve potty training by age 6. We are getting close to accomplishing that. Everywhere I read six was the magical number for kids moderately to severely affected by autism to get them trained. The older they got past 6, the harder it was.
I'm not going to lie, I feel like a million bucks at times just thinking of our big accomplishment. It has been very hard but Trenton has taught me that it doesn't matter how hard things are in life, you can accomplish if you put your mind to it and have all of your faith in the Lord and that is exactly what we did!! Love can accomplish anything and our love for each other helped to accomplish this!

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