Thursday, September 1, 2016

Raising Mulitple Kids on the Autism Spectrum

I was asked by Special Needs Resources to write an article on tips that I would have for other parents raising more than one child on the spectrum.  In the link below, you can find my tips. What works for me with two boys, might not work for you. Every child's autism presents itself differently and each family has different situations. However, these are only a few that I have found works best for the boys and I.

It is really amazing how over time, the boys can see and understand exactly what I am doing and why I do it and they just respond so well. What makes it even more amazing is how Andrew responds because he can show it. There have been times where we had to leave places because of Trenton and over time Andrew has learned to respond well and have a heart of gold. He will say things like, "Poor Trenton. We are going now Trenton." When I hear words like that out of Andrew's mouth, it melts my heart!
I've talked a lot to Andrew about Trenton and Andrew responds so well. He knows we are a family and families stick together no matter what and he is really showing that to T-man and it makes my heart so full:)
Anyway, here are my tips

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  1. Andrew is one sweet little brother! Love ❤ your big heart, A!..I remember telling him one day that sometimes he will have to be the"big brother." Nana loves you both!!!!