Saturday, September 10, 2016

Too Good Not To Share

A few things I want to share!

1. This morning when I said, "I love you" to Trenton, he immediately said, " I love you too."
He not only said it back before I could even finish saying it to him...but he also said it in a different kind of voice. It wasn't his stern, robotic repeating back was such a natural voice. PLUS, HE SAID TOO!!! Wow!!!

Right after that we had a rough patch for a few hours. He was very upset and made lots of upset noises and was not happy with anything. However, after his episode was over he had a great day:)
(I hate when he has episodes of where he is upset. I just wish I  knew what made him upset. I have a feeling his stomach hurt. His gut issues fluctuate so much and right now he is constipated.)

2. This morning, Andrew wanted to do my hair. I was sitting on the couch and he grabbed one of my headbands and a clip for my hair. Once he finished my hair he said, "Wow Moochies. You are so cute. Way cuter than any other girl today."
BAHAHAHA. Andrew cracks me up!
Last weekend I had earrings in which I very rarely wear these days. Andrew took one look at me and said, "Moochies you are so cute."

I told him this morning that he was going to make a good husband one day. He said, "What is a husband?"
I explained it to him and he said, "I only want to be your husband Moochies."

3. Friday while we were at the store, I had to tell Andrew "No" to a few items he wanted. He asked me why we couldn't get it and I said, "We don't have the money." Well, I should have known better than to say that because when we were checking out, Andrew told the cashier all about how we didn't have any money. It was very comical and the cashier got a good laugh out of him going on about us not having money. I know kids say the funniest of things but seriously kids with HFA can really say some funny and inappropriate things that I just can't help but laugh at:) I have SOOOO many stories on Andrew in that area.

Seriously every day he gives me a good chuckle:)

My hairstyle that made me cuter than everyone else. LOL!

 It is not a normal day without a trip to McDonalds' for Trenton's chicken nuggets. Andrew stole a few day.

 The day ended with almost every peekaboo in bed with him.

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  1. It is going to be interesting to hear what he tells his teachers!!! Ha! out!!