Sunday, October 9, 2016


My Grandpa told me over the weekend that I was one of his heroes. My grandpa has a very well respected list of heroes and they are mostly men that he served in war with. To be on his list of heroes is one of the most rewarding things that I have ever heard. I am one of his heroes because of this little boy right here.....the way I have completely changed my life to help T-man....the way I sacrifice everything daily for him has made me one of my Grandpa's heroes.
Not only is my Grandpa and Grandma one of my heroes but Trenton is too. Trenton has opened my eyes to a whole new beautiful world. One that I never wanted but one that God gave me. I have never turned away from it nor will I ever. Instead, I look and find out what God is telling me to do and I do it. Thank you so much Trenton James for being one of the few people in my life that I allow to be named a hero.
My other hero is Lil A. Andrew has shown me more than I ever thought a person on the higher end of the spectrum could ever show anyone.  Thank you Andrew for being my other hero that is thirty years younger than me. I am the luckiest Mommy in the world to be able to give birth to my heroes. We have a hard life but it is a life filled with seeing the beauty in the smallest of miracles that I get to witness daily.


  1. Your grandpa is so are a " hero" to those precious boys and an inspiration to so many!