Monday, October 10, 2016

Just One Bad Day-Hopefully!

I was just telling a few people over the weekend that I believe I have finally found the right combination and dosage of medication for Trenton. About six months ago we started this combination and it has really made a big difference in his behavior. There are times when he has his days where he is very hyperactive and running into walls, jumping all over the furniture, running constantly in the house, opening up the fridge and all the cabinets in the kitchen, and doing absolutely anything that he can do to keep his body moving. These days are going to happen from time to time because his body chemistry is totally different than a neurotypical person. His brain is wired differently and doctors have yet to find an explanation of why their chemistry and wiring can change from time to time.

Trenton had one of these days today. Even Harsha Autism Center mentioned his hyperactivity when I picked him up. Tonight, I saw things that I haven't seen in awhile. I have NO idea how I survived his first five years of his life. No idea! I do hope that today his body chemistry was just "off" leading his medicines to not work properly. Please let his chemistry be off for just one day and not the next few months. The amount of stress that this type of behavior brings is unexplainable!

Just last night I received the nicest text from someone complimenting me and how I "look" these days. My response was basically how great things have been going this year and I simply get sleep. Trenton's  behavior has been better and I get's amazing how good that is to a person's body!! Absolutely amazing! Please T-man let this just be one bad day!

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