Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Huge Improvement in two years

Below is a link to a post on my blog that I posted in 2014 shortly before Andrew started ABA therapy at Harsha Autism Center. You can read through this post and see how much Andrew has improved in two years. It is amazing to me!!
Again, all I can say is to NOT deny what is going on with your child. Get them the help that they need because it can make a huge difference in your child if the right help is started early in their lives.

It was only two years ago that Andrew was just simply repeating language. He would repeat back what I said to him or he would simply walk around repeating language that he had heard before whether it was earlier that day or a week or so ago. Now, he can carry on a conversation and simply doesn't stop talking:)
Love you Andrew! Keep up the amazing hard work Lil A!

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