Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Since I was able to be with Trenton at his lunch time today at Harsha, I took Andrew out to lunch after preschool today before we picked up Trenton. 

He had a lot of questions about Valentine's Day. I told him what it was, etc. Therefore, I thought I would start teaching him how to treat a woman so I had him take me out to eat and had him "pay" for the meal. As we were paying Andrew said, "I don't want to spend 20 dollars on you." LOL! It cracked me up! I said, "Well you aren't, we are getting change back." Andrew said, "Oh good Moochies because we might need that money to buy me a toy."

Us on our lunch date!!
This morning Andrew said, "Moochies were you married to my dad?"
I said, "Yes I was married to him."
Andrew says, "Well I think you should get married again but this time you need to marry me so don't get married till I am old enough to get married."

He just melts my heart daily!!!


  1. That's funny, I had a similar talk with Link last night. He said he wasnt getting married and was living in the basement when he got older.

  2. LOL!! Oh Lincoln! I remember Brent used to say he wasn't moving out of Mom and Dad's house when he was little. LOL!!