Friday, February 3, 2017

My Birthday Gift

Andrew may have some challenges in his life due to his high functioning autism but he has a big heart just like his Momma:) The first thing on the morning of my birthday (Wednesday) when I went to wake him up he said, "Moochies, it's February one. It's your birthday. Happy birthday." I told him thank you and he went on to ask me when my birthday party was. I told him I was a big girl and didn't need a party. He then asked me where my presents were. I told him that Mommy didn't have any. I told him that birthdays was not just about presents and that I already had what I wanted, him and Trenton.
Well, when I picked him up from preschool that day, he couldn't wait to show me what was in his book bag. I could not pull out of the driveway until I opened my present he had for me in his book bag. Apparently, he told his teachers it was my birthday and they let him pick a gift from the prize box for me:) The gift was in a bag. When I pulled out the microphone that he had picked out for me he said, " I picked you out a microphone because you like to sing. I also got you one whole dollar because you need money. I made my teachers get that for you from me because you needed a present on your birthday."
Andrew has such a big, kind, caring heart. It makes me so proud!!!
He then wanted me to take his picture with me with the gifts he got me:)

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  1. Perhaps my favorite blog post ever!! Love ❤ it!! If everyone could lay aside their preconceived notions and judgments, they could learn so much about what it truly means to love another unconditionally!