Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Beautiful Bond

There are a few relationships in this life that are just magical and amazing to watch and experience. If I could sit on a bench all day and watch the relationships between a parent and a special needs child, I would do and soak up every minute of it!!!!

Maybe I am a little biased when I say that, but it is really a beautiful bond and relationship.
I saw a mother today and her teenage son who had a disability. I watched them and loved every single minute of it. The smile on the mother's face when she was talking to her son was priceless. She was beaming with joy. As I looked at her, I saw what only special needs mother see. I saw her tired eyes. I saw her sacrifice and superhero like strength. I saw a woman who gave up her "wants" in life to make her child have a better life. I saw dedication and wisdom.

 I saw so much LOVE between them. I just can't exactly put into words but it is an amazing bond and relationship. One that no one can understand unless you experience it yourself. I know I had a permanent smile on my face the entire time I was watching them. I felt myself glowing just watching them.

I have always said that individuals with special needs are the most beautiful souls on this earth! They are so innocent and pure. They only know love and that is, after all, the greatest commandant.

A few weeks ago I saw a father and his grown son with autism and watching them was simply beautiful. The way the father held his grown sons hand and kissed him was probably the most beautiful sight that I have seen in a long time.  In that moment, I saw years of dedication and sacrifice. I am sure there were many sleepless nights for the both of them....struggles that no one knows unless they we were living under the same roof.

I know there are many relationships in life that are beautiful......but...there is just something about a special needs parent and a special needs child that takes my breath away:)

As Trenton gets older, our bond gets stronger and stronger each year. I just can't explain words for the bond.....just amazingly beautiful!
Of course, as Andrew gets older too, he is turning into such a bright, amazing boy who just happens to do things the "Andrew way". His big heart gets bigger and bigger each year and so does my love for him too.
If I could sit and watch people with special needs every single day, I would! They have so much to teach us and so many things that we all can learn.

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  1. This is a beautiful article. I love the way he is signing "love"!!!

    Nana and Pops love you, Tman!!!!