Saturday, March 11, 2017

Activities for Trenton

When I taught special education, I loved to use file folder games for all special needs from mild to severe. File folder games are a great way to teach your child needed skills. One of the great benefits to file folder games is that they are easy to create and they don’t take up a lot of space. Many file folder game ideas can be found online or purchased for a small fee.
I am going to make Trenton a lot of these once I can get to a big laminating machine. However, below is a small example of one. You paste the activity in side the file folder and then laminate it. All you do is open the file folder and start the activity. It's a great way to not lose any papers:)

This is an activity where Trenton finishes the sequence. It's a great way to try and get some mands out of him!

This activity should be a file folder too but I just don't have a big enough laminator machine. Anyway, he is matching the big letters with the little letters:)

In the one below, I have pictures of the same thing and he picks the one that is big and the one that is small. Again, another great way to get mands from him.

 The final one I have made......he picks the color of the object...again..a great way to get mands out of him. In this particular activity, I have several pictures that come in several different colors. Trenton loves colors so it is a highly motivating activity for him which leads to him trying to use words!!!

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