Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I love to read the Bible. Whenever I get a chance to read it, I do. It is such a powerful book with story after story of how we are instructed to live our lives. There is so much hope, strength, and courage I simply find it so inspirational.  If we look at the story of Joseph, it is an amazing story of hope and courage.

As a prisoner and slave, he could have seen his situation in life as hopeless. Instead, he did his best with each task given to him.  Most importantly, during these days of trials and challenges, he continued to serve the Lord.

The story of Joseph was recorded for many reasons. One reason was to simply tell us that life will be hard but you have to maintain the same loving attitude that the Lord wants and to continue to serve him. You can't find anywhere in this story or many other stories in the Bible where we are promised a life of no pain and no sorrow, that is our eternal life:)

This life is suppose to have pain, trials, and heartache. It teaches us amazing things, trust me! No matter what you are going through, no matter how undesirable your life is, consider it part of your training for the Lord. God knows what you are going through. God knows the trials I go through daily raising two boys with special needs by myself. God knows the suffering and trials Trenton goes through. God knows each and every person who is mocked and made fun of by others. God knows the people suffering from cancer and other terminal illnesses. God knows and He cares!

My life didn't go as planned. Joseph's life didn't go how we wanted. But, I can learn from Joseph's life. I read about his trials and I learn from his wonderful example on how I should handle my trials and challenges.

Whatever you face today, don't give up! Embrace those challenges like Joseph and God will reward you!

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