Saturday, March 4, 2017


I moved Trenton's schedule to the sensory room. It works out really good to have it in the sensory room because he spends most of his time there. I also still have the schedule strip up in his room in case we are up there and need to use it.
Like I have mentioned before, kids on the spectrum need to see visuals in order to transition better.

In the sensory room he has magnets as a schedule. The white board has the days of the week. On Sunday he always has his church magnet up and Monday-Friday we have Harsha pictures up. When he comes home from church and/or Harsha we check it off and then look at our schedule for the rest of the day:)

Andrew still uses a monthly calendar in his room to help him! He crosses out the day right before bed and he looks at the picture on the next day to see what he has!

Andrew also has a wall strip of day to day activities if he is having a harder day to transition, then we use it!

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