Wednesday, March 8, 2017

We Did It. First Time for Everything.

Since Trenton was three years old, I have worked diligently with him to get him used to restaurants. I have worked hard on McDonald's because their chicken nuggets is one of the few things he will eat. The other place I work with him at is Monicals Pizza. Trenton loves pizza and that was a good sit down restaurant that never seems busy in mid-afternoon.

When I lived by my family in Illinois we took the boys to Monical's at least once a month. In the beginning, Trenton and I didn't last very long in the restaurant. There were many times him and I ended up sitting in the van while my parents stayed in the restaurant with Andrew.  We have caused many scenes in restaurants with meltdowns and maladaptive behaviors but I just kept doing it.

Thankfully, when I moved to Indiana they had a Monical's, too! So I was able to keep that routine with him and that is where we always go when my parents visit.

I have never tried a restaurant by myself with both boys until last week. The only places we go by ourselves is therapy, doctor appointments, dental appointments, and church. Something came over me and I felt like it was time to try Monicals by myself. Guess what?!?!?!?!? We made it out alive!!!

It was the best feeling in the world! The boys did great! We did our routine that we have when we go to therapy, church, and doctor appointments. I couldn't have been happier! It went so well that we did it again this week. What made it even better was the fact that no one was in the restaurant besides us both times. That has always been a trick of mine....we have to do it at a non-busy time!

I just love how Trenton goes out in the community with his coaches at Harsha Autism Center because it has made a huge impact on him! I just love going with him on those community trainings.
If you are new on your autism journey, I would highly suggest to pick one or two places and become a regular there and eventually you can work your way to other places!

I think we just may add this to our weekly schedule now:)
I know it may not sound like much to some parents but this is a really big deal for us!!!!!!

This is how you can find the boys and I when we are out. I try to make Andrew hold Trenton's hand. However, it is not unusual for Andrew to be holding my other hand.

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