Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Don't Judge.....

One of the very first things I was told after Trenton's diagnosis is that autism parents are judged by others more than any other type of parent. I believe it! One of the people who told me this was a doctor. The sad thing is that the people passing judgement are simply uneducated on autism or they are around children with autism for a very short while and think they know enough to pass judgement. I have heard a lot on my journey and it is hard to hear especially when I know ...what I go through daily.
My parents stayed with me for 3.5 days last week. They are around the boys the most other than myself of course. My mom said, "When I am around the boys for an extended period of days it is such a reminder of how hard you and the boys life is with the challenges of autism. It is so different than even being around them for one day. One really must live it." So very true! You have to live it and be around 24/7 to have a full understanding of the challenges of autism. This goes for the understanding of severe non-verbal autism and high functioning autism too.
We are having a rough week again..
Needless to say, I thought this was appropriate! No one should judge autism parents because of the choices we make. We know our children the best and we have very limited choices to pick from with very few people who understand. So lets all be kind!
It doesn't matter how hard the challenges of autism is or how often I am judged or talked about by other people...I wouldn't trade my boys or my life for anything! I am blessed beyond belief. All praise to God for placing the three of us together💙💙💙
I know many of you will appreciate the picture:)

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