Sunday, April 23, 2017


As I have said before in the past, I can't imagine being Trenton when he is sick. Overall, he is a very healthy kid besides the common cold. He simply doesn't get sick much

Yes, he vomits almost weekly but it is sensory induced. (When time allows, I plan on educating you on this blog about that issue.) However, it's been awhile since he has had any kind of flu.
Even when Trenton has a common cold, it is very bothersome because he is unable to blow his nose. He won't take any kind of medication. He can smell it in his sippy and won't drink it because it makes him gag and throw up. I've tried several different way and he is unable to take medicine when he is sick.

What is it like to care for a child with severe, non-verbal autism when they get a horrible flu?
It is brutal. It is sad. It is heartbreaking.
He vomited off and on for four days. He paced around the house. He went from bed to bed to couch to loveseat to floor and he did it all over again.
He vomited in every room of the house. He just paced the house and vomited. I am sure I told him over 50 times daily that we vomit in the bucket that I was walking beside him carrying most of the time....but he never did. He couldn't help it. With each and every minute that went by from Monday through Friday, my heartstrings were pulled and tangled. I hurt. I grieved for my 60 pound boy who was very sick but couldn't tell me how to help him.

I tried daily to see if he hurt everywhere. I used every form of communication that I had in my house but it never worked. I am fairly confident that he had severe body aches. In-between all the pacing he took approximately thirty baths daily. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING. I HAVE WITNESSES!!! I think the warm water made him feel better. He would get in the tub and lay for about five minutes. Then he would get out pacing the house.

I wish he had had a body that would let him relax. I found out this past week, that his body simply doesn't relax not even when he is the sickest he has ever been.

He isn't a good sleeper already and he went two days without sleeping much other than a ten minute cat nap here and there. By the end of the second day, I started feeling like I did in my sleep deprived days. Therefore, I called my parents and they came to my rescue like they always do! They came and helped me with Trenton.

My heart bleed for him! By the end of the third day we started having meltdowns and I think it is because he was simply tired of being so sick. That was his way of telling me.

My parents have always been there for the boys and I even when I was married. I am so thankful for that! God takes care of everyone. I may not be blessed with a husband in my house that helps me but I am blessed with great parents and family who do help me when I need it. I manage everything weekly with the boys. I have managed all the challenges of autism while single parenting even through the common stomach flu, common cold, etc. This time was different. There was something about this past horrible flu that hit Trenton hard.

I am so grateful and thankful for the all prayers. We had one of the hardest weeks that we have had in a very long time. But, as always, we survived and came out stronger.

Thankfully, on Saturday he FINALLY felt better!!!

I never thought I would be so thankful to wake up Saturday morning and roll over and see this scene:) Trenton didn't even play with his animals for four days!!!

On Saturday, Uncle Brent came over to help us too! He stained my deck for me along with my Dad! It has needed to be done ever since we moved in but obviously the boys comes first and nothing that needs to be done gets done unless my family comes:)
Andrew was crazy about Uncle Brent like always. Andrew was a good boy for the most part and let me stay by Trenton's side all week. However, by the time Saturday came, Andrew was ready to play with somebody. He played a little baseball with his uncle.

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  1. Andrew sure was all about Uncle Brent!. He had a little too much help at times!! Ha! So thankful Trenton was feeling better and able to be outside with us for a while too. Nothing like family.. We all need them to lean on at times. We are always happy to help. Also, happy Brent came to help with that big deck!!!! Ha!