Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Community Outing

I went with Trenton and his therapist today to the Bounce Barn ( a place with some inflatables and an open gym) for some community training. He lasted a half hour which was great! I would say we were probably in there about five to ten minutes too long because the last 5 minutes he had a meltdown and got on the ground kicking, hitting, etc. However, he recovered well and walked out. I didn't have to carry him out!!!! HUGE IMPROVEMENT!!
We went right when they opened and ther...e wasn't many people in there. It took both of us to tag team him and keep him safe. I know a lot of people were looking at us because they could tell something was wrong with Trenton. The older he gets the more he doesn't "blend" in. At one point a lady walked up to me and said, " I am so glad you are here working with him in this environment. Keep up the great work." Just that one little sentence made my day much better!! It was SO NICE to hear those words especially today because overall it was a very rough day......and we ended it at the dental office...NEED I SAY MORE ABOUT THAT FELLOW AUTISM PARENTS! LOL!
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Here is a short video of Trenton in their gym. This was his favorite one was in there besides us and it was quiet....and he had free range to run and pace the entire time:)

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