Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My Sweet Little Talk With Andrew

The sun was finally out. The first time in a few days and I was excited to get the boys out for a fun time in the backyard today after school and therapy.
When I picked Trenton up at Harsha Autism Center his therapist warned me about some of his behaviors. I had a good feeling that our night was in for some rough patches and it sure was!
We hadn't been outside very long. Trenton was running in the yard like he normally does and I was pushing Andrew on the swing set. I am not sure what made Trenton mad but he got very upset all of a sudden and started to pick up toys and throw them while making his upset noises.
I stopped pushing Andrew and went closer to Trenton to see if there was something that I could figure out what was triggering his tantrum. I couldn't figure it out and Andrew started yelling that he wanted me to push him.
I turned my back to Trenton to walk to Andrew on the swing and Trenton came out of no where from behind me and pushed me. Then he ran up to Andrew and pushed him with great force on the swing. Trenton ran around a little bit making his noises while Andrew and I watched.

"Moochies. I wish Trenton didn't do that." I hear Andrew say in his sweet little voice.
" Me too but remember like I said before, Trenton can't help it."
"I know Moochies. Trenton is different and you say that everyone is different in their own way but Trenton is just a little more different, right?"
As I fought back tears, I was able to say, "Yes. Bubba you are right. I am so glad you remember me telling you that everyone is different. God just made T-man with a few challenges in life."
"Why did God do that?" Andrew asked so seriously
I went on to explain the best that I could to a five year old that God just makes everyone different and some people have challenges, etc.
"I wish God made Trenton like me so he could be like me." Andrew said.
I talked to Andrew how Trenton will always need him and I there to help him in life because of some of his challenges and so forth.
Andrew said, "Oh Moochies. Trenton is so much faster than me. I will never be able to keep up with him when I am older to help him. What will we do?"
I said, "He will slow down as he gets older. No worries. You will do a great job helping me with Trenton."
Andrew looked down at the ground, " I hope so because I really love Trenton and want him to be more like me."

I secretly laughed to myself! It was amazing to me that Andrew realized that Trenton was faster than him. Almost everyone is faster than Andrew....even his peers at school. Andrew is the slowest child I have ever been around. LOL!

Andrew and I continued to talk about Trenton and his challenges for a good ten minutes. Andrew asked a lot of questions and seemed to really understand. I have read a lot where siblings of a child with severe autism are the best kind of siblings. They have a good heart because they know what it is like to grow up with a sibling who has severe needs.  Andrew, even with his high functioning autism, is going to be such a great brother to Trenton. I already see his big heart, getting bigger and bigger!


  1. Oh my precious, Andrew. God just made you both special! You are the best brother Trenton could have!! You are wise beyond your years.