Tuesday, August 8, 2017

I want Mom. 3:30

Trenton has been extra clingy to me the past few weeks and especially this week. I think it is because the big change is tomorrow. I've been working with him on this. His team at HAC has been working with him on this. The big day is tomorrow and I know he knows and is scared. Therefore, he has been having some separation anxiety with me. It breaks my heart. However, on the good side of this he has said my name numerous times  and that always makes me feel good. It is a reassurance of his love!!

Today at HAC, he said..."I want mom 3:30" WOW!!!!! Holy Cow!!! He said that!!! This also tells me that he knows exactly what time I pick him up on Tuesdays and he wanted it to be that time! Today at HAC, he also said, "You go bye, Monies here." He told that to his coach. He also said,   "Mommy's here"
I can't believe it! It has broke my heart and reassured me of his love. Absolutely amazing but not at a good time for our big day tomorrow...

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